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Ewan, Truus, Oliver and Mara welcome you to Barns Campsite.


Lovers of travel and adventure (Oliver less so just yet). Regularly seen heading off into the sunset, or even from their wedding, Ewan and Truus have travelled extensively in their own campervan. Sunrises over the mountains, sunsets over the seas. Never happier than when the curtain opens to a new view so far. Truus, a happy world traveller has circumnavigated the world by plane while Ewan’s adventures have taken him to Africa twice and as far as Iran by solo motorcycle adventure. Map, compass, tent and small off-road motorcycle being the picks from the garage.

Now Oliver and Mara have joined the happy campers. Both have ventured outside the Uk already and we hope Oliver grows up to appreciate our beautiful world as much as we do.

Now we would like to give back, share our love of camping and share Scotland. Welcome to Barns Campsite.