Opening… very soon >> Saturday 6 April

We can hardly imagine it ourselves. We are opening our Campsite to the public in less than one week. So much hard work has gone into this build. Lot’s of hours planning, lot’s of hours building. We couldn’t have done it without the help of professionals, family and friends. So grateful we are to share our beautiful land with visitors from all over.

In the last view weeks it all has seem to come together. The toilet & shower blocks have arrived and been installed. The reception building is being constructed at this very moment and will soon be furnished, ready for our first guests check-in. The pitches are all chipped and grass has been sown around the nature park. Yes, we can not deny that you can see that this is a brand new site. The surroundings still have to mature and we have no doubt a lot to learn from all of you but most importantly, all facilities work and are new & spotless clean :-)