Terms & Conditions

Booking confirmation

Barns Campsite accepts advance bookings. A confirmation of booking will be sent for all reservations accepted. Please bring your booking receipt when checking in at reception.


If booked online, a deposit is required. Other bookings require a full payment on arrival.
Barns Campsite requires a non-refundable deposit of 25% with a minimum payment of 30gbp for the booking of a camping pitch. The balance is due on arrival.
Barns Campsite requires a non-refundable deposit of 25% or a minimum of 50gbp for the booking of glamping pods. The balance is due on arrival.
All deposits are payable by Debit/Credit Card.
Any booking that has not had its balance paid by the due date will be cancelled with all moneys already paid being forfeited.

Holiday Amendments

Changes to your holiday during your stay
We cannot accept responsibility of compensation for circumstances beyond our control including (but not limited to) industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire, technical problems, bad weather and acts of government.

Amendments to your booking
To amend your booking, you must notify Barns Campsite as soon as possible.
Amendments to your booking can be made up to 7 days before arrival on site and only for the same season.

Extended stays

Extensions can be arranged, subject to availability and possible relocation, although there is no guarantee that pitches can be extended beyond the date booked. If you wish to extend your stay please check with reception as soon as possible.

Cancellation of booking

You may cancel your booking at any time before your arrival date with no refund of monies, as per ‘Deposit’ Terms and Conditions.


Holiday insurance is recommended.

Admittance to Site

On arrival, please park at Reception.

If you have pre-booked your stay, you will have been given a barrier code to enter the site. You will also have been given an allocated pitch number. Please do not pitch-up anywhere else than your allocated pitch as you might be requested to relocate. Unless you have requested a different pitch allocation prior to your arrival or on the day at reception, you cannot move to another pitch.

If you have not pre-booked your stay, on arrival please park at reception. You will be asked to complete a registration form. At reception you will be allocated your pitch and you will be given a barrier code for the duration of your stay.

If not paid in full ahead of arrival, the pitch fee to be paid in full at this stage.

The Pitch booked is for the number and name of persons specified on form only. Any changes to the occupancy agreed on booking must be agreed with Barns Campsite on arrival. Occupancy above the maximum capacity of your unit is not permitted.

No commercial vehicles or working type vans are permitted on site. We reserve the right to refuse to anybody without having to justify this with a reason to the persons/party being refused on-site.

Disposal of rubbish on Site

We ask that whilst staying on our Site you recycle items. A list of items for recycling can be found at bin area. Recycling items must not be bagged.

General waste
All other refuse should be deposited in the bins provided for the purpose, which are situated at bin area on Site. Nappy bags and Dog foul bags to be sealed and placed in general waste bins provided. Bin area for recycling and general waste is located adjacent to entrance of the Site.

Road safety and speed limit – Vehicles and Bicycles

All one-way system signs should be observed on Site, this includes cyclists. Only a person with a full current driving licence and motor insurance may drive a motor vehicle on the Site.
Motor Vehicles and Bicycles on Site should, at all times, be used with due regard to the safety and convenience of others and their speed should not exceed 5 mph
Non-registered vehicles such as motorised scooters (unless for the use as disability vehicles) or quad bikes are not allowed on Site.
At all times the general road rules apply.
It is strictly forbidden to move any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Safety and behaviour on Site

Bicycles/scooters/skateboards/etc. are not allowed on paved areas around Toilet Block and communal area.
All Site users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which respects the comfort and convenience of other site users.
Barns Campsite is a rural site and cannot be adapted to remove all the potential hazards of nature.
All Site users are to respect the signage and barriers for health & safety reasons. You are reminded the site is based on a working farm and therefore there is strictly no entrance allowed to the farm premises. Be aware of heavy machinery in use on the farm.

Parents and Guardians of children

The safety, supervision and conduct of your children is your responsibility at all times.
Children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times who should ensure that they are safe and cause no damage or nuisance.

Arrivals and Departures

New arrivals should be after 12:00hrs and before 19:00hrs.
Should you wish to arrive out with these times you are required to contact us in advance to make suitable arrangements.
Late arrivals might not be let on site if no suitable arrangements have been made.
Where a booking is not taken up by 19:00 on the day of arrival, the booking will be considered cancelled unless a later arrival time has been agreed with the Proprietor.
On departure date please depart your pitch before 11:00hrs. Pitches should be left clean and tidy on departure.
Subject to availability, it may be possible to remain later on site, not necessarily on your pitch, by prior arrangement with the proprietors.
In the event of early departure, no refund of pitch fees will be given.

The Pitch

Suitable for Motor Homes, Campervans, Touring Caravan with car, Trailer Tent with car and an Awning that forms part of any of the aforementioned type of outfit.
Outfits to be positioned on pitch as per directions given by management/warden and must fit hard standing, this includes any vehicle, trailer, awning or guy ropes.
Rock type awning pegs are required on these pitches. If awnings are used the distance between any part of the awning and an adjoining unit should be not less than 3 metres. Awnings should not touch and if the awning contains sleeping accommodation the distance shall be not less than 6 metres, as per site license and fire regulations.

Suitable for tents and small & light weight campervans. Pitch up on grass areas and only in the area advised by the management/warden. For those arriving with a vehicle, please park your vehicle next to your tent. To minimise damage to grass, site users are asked to lift all groundsheets and /or side flaps of tents and awnings at frequent intervals. The distance from canvas to canvas is 6m, this applies to any canvas including pup tents.

Electrical Hook ups

All hard standing pitches have Electric Hook Up and 9 grass pitches have Electric Hook Up.
Persons using the electrical point are responsible for their connector cable, plugs and all other equipment connected to their unit, which must comply with all current British Standards and Regulations.
At no time shall site users tamper of interfere with other site users electrical hook-up. Strictly no tampering with the bollards and electrical supplies on-site.

Fire Precautions

Everyone on the site should acquaint themselves with the safety precautions against fire and the whereabouts of the fire points.  
Strictly NO (open) fires on the site.


The contents of portable toilets must be disposed of by emptying at the disposal point provided on site.
Under NO circumstances should Portable Toilet waste be disposed of anywhere on Site other than Portable Toilet Waste Disposal Point.
Due to the nature of waste water disposal, only detergents and cleaning products suitable for Septic Tanks are accepted.
Bleach must not be used and any Cooking fat, grease etc. should be disposed of in a container and put into a refuse bin and not down the sinks.
ONLY toilet paper to be flushed down the toilets in Site Toilet Block. Use bins provided for any other items.
Disposable nappies and similar bulky items must be wrapped in a bag and placed in the bin provided.

Waste Water

A suitable receptacle, which should not be allowed to overflow, must be used for the collection of waste water and emptied at the disposal points provided.

Dogs and Other Pets

Owners of pets are responsible for the behaviour of their animals. Owners must ensure that pets are on leads and under control at all times or tethers of sufficient strength used on their own pitch and must be positioned so as not to allow dog onto road or interfere with electrical bollard.
In the interest of other Site users and our environs, any owner with a Dog(s) continually barking will be asked to leave the Site.
At any time, pets should not be left on the Site unattended.
Owners must ensure that their pets do not foul the site and that any faeces are removed immediately, this includes all road verges in and around the site.
No animals are allowed in the Reception building, toilet block or washing up facilities, other than Guide/Assistance Dogs.
Dogs are allowed off the lead in the dedicated nature park with pond only. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure safety towards other visitors and pets at all times. If dog doesn’t respond immediate to the owners recall sign, dog should not be allowed off the lead but be kept on the lead at all times.
Strictly NO access allowed to dogs in fields where there are animals other than dogs. Under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953, if a dog worries sheep or other farm animals on agricultural land, the person in charge of the dog is guilty of an offence. Be aware that in Scotland a farmer has the right to shoot a dog that is worrying their livestock.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the Reception and Toilet Block Building.

Camping stoves

Must be used with a proprietary stand which does not allow any heat to transfer to grass.


These are allowed on Site but open fires are strictly prohibited.
Users should endeavour to minimise smoke and fumes for other site users.
All barbeques must be raised a minimum of 60cm above the grass to avoid burning it.


No unnecessary noise at any time and especially between the hours of 22:00 and 08:00.


Under no circumstances are fences, fence wire, gates or trees to be used as a washing/drying line.
Customers own line dryers must be positioned on their hard standing.
If any of the above conditions are breached, Barns Campsite reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately without refund.


Limitation of Liability

Barns Highland Limited shall have no liability for any destruction or loss or damage to the any belongings of any site users whatsoever caused unless due to the proven gross negligence or wilful default of Barns Highland Limited or its employees or agents.


Data Protection

The information taken at time of booking is required to be collected for the purpose if processing your reservation with us. We may process your data to keep you informed of our activities and to keep you updated with news, offers and other information that may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to use your information for the marketing purposes described in this paragraph, please let us know.

Equality Act 2010

Barns Campsite has an Equal Opportunities Policy Statement in which it recognises the business benefits of promoting equality, fairness and diversity as an employer and service provider, thereby ensuring everyone is treated at all times with dignity and respect. This statement was signed by the directors on 27 February 2018. Upon request the full statement can be obtained.